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Future Worldcons are voted on two years prior in a process called Site Selection. Our vote will close by end of July 2020 as part of this year’s Worldcon in New Zealand. The members of the 2020 Worldcon in New Zealand will be the ones voting in Site Selection this year.
In order to vote for us, you will need to purchase a membership, either supporting (non-attending) or attending (You can do that here). Site Selection can be done by mail or at the New Zealand Worldcon.
The final Site Selection ballot will be distributed prior to the 2020 Worldcon.
In order to vote, you will pay a voting fee. This fee goes directly to the winning bid and provides you automatically with a supporting (non-attending) membership in the 2022 Worldcon, regardless of who you voted for on the ballot. The winning bid receives a list of everyone who voted, but your actual vote is completely anonymous.
If you voted, you would have the opportunity to pay a conversion fee if you want to upgrade to an attending membership.
The voting fee and conversion rates are yet to be determined. More information will be available when the ballot is released in 2022.
In summary, here are the steps for voting in Site Selection:

  • Purchase a membership (supporting or attending) for the 2020 Worldcon in New Zealand HERE.
  • Vote in Site Selection, either by mail, by sending your ballot to New Zealand with someone, or voting in person in New Zealand.

Questions? Please contact us and we’ll be happy to answer them.