Jeddi High Council

Master of the Order

Yasser Bahjatt


Yasser has been actively building the SciFi culture in Arabia since 2012 when he announced the Initiative Yatakhayaloon that he co-founded with his parter Ibraheem Abbas to jump start the contrary SciFi culture in Arabia (TED Talk). Since then he has been attending the WorldCon to talk about Arabian SciFi and to promote it globally.

Yasser is the Author of “Yaqteenya: The Old World” the first Arabian alternative history novel and has Co-Authored with his partner Ibraheem Abbas the English edition’s of Ibraheem’s best selling Arabian novels (HWJN, Somewhere & Binyameen).

Born in Spartan Village, MI, USA, on the same year Star Wars was released, and lived in Jeddah since he was 5. As a Spartan Jeddi he was destined to one day become the Master of the Order on the Jeddi High Council.

Ahmad Sabbagh


Mohammed Albakri


Born in the same decade that gave us a Star Wars, Mohammed became enchanted in the magic upon watching a New Hope at 4 years old. This led to a childhood Marveling at comic book heroes, far off lands with dragons and the occasional orphaned wizard. He studied medical technology and is currently working in Laboratory Information Sciences and is still waiting for the lab accident that will grant him superpowers…

Tamim Kashgari


Tamim Kashgari is a Saudi Arabian with a Bachelor’s degree from the American University in Cairo and a Master’s degree from the University of New South Wales. He came back to Saudi Arabia in 2012 to start his career as a management consultant and has since then work with multiple private and public entities in various industries.

In parallel Tamim has also led an active role as part of the Saudi Arabian geek community being part of the organizing team for Geekfest Jeddah and a Co-Host of the Low Priority Queue Podcast within the Mstdfr Podcast Network.

Thamer Alturaif